Keeping Children Out of Conflict

It is important for separating spouses to keep their children out of any conflict or issues that arise during the separation or divorce process. While separation can be an emotionally trying time for the parties, the children are not therapists. They should not be privy to adult issues or have any information pertaining…

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Child Custody & Access Defined

Custody refers to who has decision making power regarding the child’s health, education, religion and general welfare. Access not only involves access to the child but access to information regarding the child’s life (appointments, school information, medical information). If one party is…

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Parental Alienation in Family Law

In high conflict separations where the parents cannot effectively cooperate and communicate to resolve their custody and access issues, joint custody is not a realistic option. The family law courts are often left with the decision to order sole custody to one of the parents and will consider all relevant factors in…

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