Sharon and Terry were married in Toronto where they lived for 8 years before they relocated permanently to Sweden for Terry’s job.  Sharon had worked at a bank after having their two children but gave up her employment to relocate with Terry permanently.   They sold their home in Toronto and purchased a property in Sweden to live in with their children.  After living there for 3 years, Sharon was unhappy and told Terry she needed to go back to Toronto to visit her family during one of the children’s school breaks.  Once in Toronto, Sharon emailed Terry and told him she was not coming back to Sweden and that she wanted to separate.


The most pressing issue was custody and access and the return of the children to Sweden.  The parties also had to divide their assets and determine child and spousal support.


Terry retained a lawyer who immediately brought an application under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction for the return of the children to Sweden.  He was successful in having the children returned to Sweden.  The parties also had to address the resolution of their financial issues.  They retained lawyers in Sweden to assist them.