Adrienne Lee

Adrienne Lee Family Lawyer / Partner


I graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and was called to the bar in 2002. I practiced corporate/commercial and defamation law for 10 years and have practiced family law as well since 2012. While I enjoyed my years of civil practice, and continue to practice in that area, I enjoy the challenges of family law while taking satisfaction in knowing that I am helping people move forward with their families and their lives. One of the challenges in family law matters is that they often involve multiple legal issues and areas of people’s lives – in many cases we deal with custody and access, property and financial issues, and sometimes additional issues such as child protection, addiction or mental health concerns. My experience assists me to help my clients to prioritize and take action on these issues, while keeping their family as stable as possible during this time. While I try to help my clients resolve their matter first through negotiation or mediation, sometimes they need to proceed to court in order to find a resolution. If necessary, we work with financial, parenting or mental health professionals who assist with providing advice or expert evidence. I enjoy trying to find as many options as possible for my clients, as there is no one way forward – each client and their family is unique, and I enjoy the challenge of helping each client try to find the best solution for themself and their family.


  •   University of Toronto, LL.B. Law Degree
  •   University of Toronto, Trinity College, Hon. B.A. Bachelor Degree
  •   Toronto Lawyers Association Member
  • 2002 Year of Call
  • $420 Hourly Rate
  • $8K+ Retainer