Good Decisions Lead to

Great Results

Going through a divorce can be an emotional experience for some people and their ability to make good decisions may become distorted when they feel overwhelmed with emotions. Our approach is designed to help you think clearly and rationally when important life decisions need to be made during this challenging experience. This approach has been very effective at helping clients increase their chance of success while minimizing fees and delays along the way.

5 Steps to Success


The first step is to book a legal consultation with one of our lawyers to further discuss your goals, priorities, and expectations with the legal process. The information will help us give you a general idea about the most suitable lawyer and legal method for your situation as well as the estimated time and fees needed to resolve your legal issues.


Once you retain our firm, we immediately start working on your case by conducting a deep analysis of your situation and circumstances. At this stage, we will organize all your information and have multiple discussions to help us recommend the most appropriate legal strategy for your situation. We continue to have discussions until you are comfortable and satisfied with the strategy.


We implement the strategy and carefully monitor the ongoing progress of your case to ensure the legal method continues to remain productive and effective for your situation. During this stage, we communicate with you regularly and work together diligently until we resolve your legal issues and achieve the desired results for your case.


In family law, it is very common to encounter unexpected complications that are often out of everyone’s control. While we try to anticipate most of these scenarios, it is possible that we may need to adjust the legal strategy (or method) along the way and repeat steps #3/#4 until all the legal issues have been resolved for your case. Otherwise, this step can be skipped altogether.


Congratulations, you’re now ready to move-on to a happier life. At this stage, we finalize any outstanding items and save all your records for future reference. We also take the opportunity to ask about your experience with our firm, particularly with the goals, priorities, and expectations that you shared with us during the initial consultation in step #1.