Now Hiring Lawyers


  •   NO EGOS A workplace where humility, respect and teamwork is part of the culture’s DNA.
  •   SOLID PAY Compensation and vacation packages that are above industry standards.
  •   CAREER GROWTH Custom career plans with endless mentoring, CLEs, workshops and marketing.
  •   EXPERIENCE Expert at solving problems under pressure to achieve great results.
  •   SKILLS The hard skills to get the job done and the soft skills to get it done with others.
  •   PERSONALITY Flexible when working with people, yet firm when people are being unreasonable.


  1. 01 CONVENIENT LOCATION We are conveniently located on University Avenue, just steps away from shops, restaurants and the TTC.
  2. 02 MODERN SPACE Everyone gets a private office with nice furniture and the latest technology, regardless of titles or roles.
  3. 03 FRIDAY LUNCHES We cater lunch every Friday and offer a bottomless supply of snacks, tea, coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.
  4. 04 FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES Employees can work from home, work flexible hours and take extra time off (without using vacation days).
  5. 05 EXTRA HOLIDAYS We offer extended long weekends throughout the year and winter breaks to help employees recharge with their friends and families.
  6. 06 HEALTH BENEFITS Our comprehensive benefits plan includes health, dental and vision, with the premiums fully covered by SFL.
  7. 07 TEAM EVENTS Whether we need to celebrate someone’s latest promotion or attend the next community event, we go the extra mile for good causes.
  8. 08 QUALITY WORK Our reputation tends to attract clients with more complex issues, so you can expect work that is both rewarding and challenging.
  9. 09 DIVERSITY We encourage people to be themselves because different backgrounds give us different perspectives when solving problems.
  10. 10 OPEN DOOR POLICY We keep the knowledge flowing freely within the team to create the ideal work environment for mentoring, teamwork and learning.