Rachel Chyc

Rachel Chyc Law Clerk


From a young age, I saw myself in living and working in the city of Toronto. Following successful sales and business ownership in London, Ontario, my love of high-end designer fashion led me to achieving my initial goal of working in Toronto’s thriving fashion industry in 2010, working for brands including Gucci and Dior. After seven rewarding years working in the fashion industry, I made the transition into entrepreneurship as the founder of my own home and office organization company.

I had so thoroughly organized the firm of a downtown family law boutique that I was offered the role of office manager and legal assistant. I had not previously envisioned myself working in an office but, as I have always been eager to take on new challenges and learn new skills, I seized the opportunity. Over time, my role expanded into substantive legal work, and relying on my resourcefulness, communication skills and strong work ethic, I expanded to become a law clerk.

I quickly learned that family law was a natural fit for me, given my ability to connect with clients in a warm and welcoming way. Family law has been a unique and wonderful field for me to use my ability to relate to anyone in all walks of life. My strengths are driven from my compassion and empathetic mindset, with my number one priority always being the relationship with the client. I am there to listen to the client during difficult times, but also celebrate successes on the road to finding freedom from the strenuous issues that separation and divorce may cause.

My previous entrepreneurial experiences give me the ability to diligently assist the lawyer on your file manage deadlines and ensure compliance with various procedures. I understand how to empower the client to keep legal costs under control while delivering quality legal services. I have a strong professional relationship with various services that support your family law matter inclusive of trial coordinators, process servers, counsellors and staff at opposing law firms.

Given my adventurous and curious nature, in my spare time I love to travel and enjoy learning about different cultures all around the world. Asia is by far my favorite place to escape to; a few years ago I spent three and a half months on an adventure through Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, and will always treasure the time I spent. I continue my avid involvement in the fashion and social industry in Toronto.