Adriana Chimirel



I have been practicing exclusively in family law since my call to the Ontario Bar in 2017. My passion lies in assisting individuals achieve finality during one of the most challenging and painful times of their lives. I believe that my hands-on and compassionate approach has helped many of my clients understand how to achieve the best settlement for them arising from their separation and divorce process.

Whether I am presenting a legal argument or lending my voice to those who cannot use theirs, I have always known that my vocation was to advocate. I wanted to be a lawyer ever since I can remember. This is why, upon my graduation from the University of Southampton in 2014, I accepted a prestigious internship (Pupillage) with the Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom where I worked on a high-profile case, the decision of which was favorable to the Crown. This case has established long-lasting impacts and has protected individuals to this date. The experience with the Crown allowed me to understand that I wanted to be involved in complex legal work yet for the benefit of individuals and families. My devotion to excellence in the area of family law stems from the fact that my work implicates the fabric of society – the family.

I tailor my approach to each client’s needs and rely on my judgment to determine, together with the client, the strategy that I must pursue in their particular case in order to achieve their desired outcome. As much as I can, I encourage alternative dispute resolution. I have achieved meaningful settlements in the past through negotiation, mediation, and even arbitration. However, if litigation is necessary, I have substantial experience in Court having argued many motions, and appeared at every type of conference in the Ontario and Superior Court of Justice. In my practice, I have dealt with decision-making and parenting issues, child and spousal support, income determination for the purposes of support, business valuations, and equalization.

I am actively involved in the Romanian community. I am also able to speak a few European languages including Romanian, Spanish, and intermediate French. I have found that some clients prefer to speak in their native languages with me and I am happy to accommodate this request.

When I am not in court or assisting my clients, I enjoy travel to Europe, reading Victorian Literature, volunteering for animal welfare, and spending time with my family and our dog, Daisy.


  • Legal Experience 7 Years
  • Osgoode Hall, LL.M. Masters in Law
  • University of Southampton, LL.B. Law Degree
  • University of Toronto, Hon. B.A. Degree
  • Family Lawyers Association Member
  • Law Society of Ontario Member

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