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I have over a decade of family law experience, having practiced same since my call to the bar in 2012 (including both family and civil litigation in 2012 and exclusively in family law since 2014). I pivoted my career to focus in family law alone as I found the work to be challenging and yet rewarding and I am passionate about what I do and in helping my clients.

For the past several years, many of my clients have come to me from referrals of colleagues or former clients which, I believe, is a testament to the high degree of care, effort, and excellent quality client service that I provide.

I have a broad range of experience on all family law issues, including decision making/parenting time, child/spousal support and property claims for both married and common law spouses.

I have significant litigation experience, including trial experience, and routinely manage files from the outset of the process in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. I also have appeal experience in the Divisional Court. Outside of Court, I routinely assist clients with mediation and arbitration, as well as the preparation of cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements. Although I routinely assist clients in out-of-court negotiations, I advocate for their rights and entitlements and am not afraid to advise a client to litigate where it is necessary in the circumstances.

I am passionate about family law because my work affects real families, with real needs. Understanding that each client may have different goals, I guide them to find a process that will work for them. Regardless of the process chosen, I strongly advocate for my clients and treat them like individuals, each with a unique set of circumstances and concerns that matter to them. Being a parent myself, I understand the complexities of working through parenting disputes and the stress and fears that come along with resolving these issues. I guide my clients through this process and provide reassurance and sound advice to assist them in making an informed decision.

I am the Past President of the Rotary Club of Toronto-Leaside, which is an international organization of like-minded individuals who are committed to doing good in the community and worldwide.


  • Legal Experience 12 Years
  • University of Ottawa, J.D. Law Degree
  • York University, Hon. B.A. Degree
  • Toronto Lawyers Association Member
  • Rotary Club of Toronto-Leaside Past President
  • Family Lawyers Association Member
  • Collaborative Practice Toronto Member
  • Law Society of Ontario Member
Wholeheartedly Recommend

I reached out to Stanchieri firm twice, upon recommendation. Ironically it was recommended by someone who did not use their services (however their ex-wife used the firm and was happy with it). Once in 2016 and once at the beginning of 2020. My 2016 interaction with the firm was short, as I decided to give my marriage another chance. At the end of 2019 I made my final decision and reached out once again. Upon an initial consultation, I was paired up with Jennifer Valliere, based on my case. I would describe her as a young professional, extremely firm and knowledgeable, whose experience followed her throughout each step of the case, managing issues with high ethics and morals. She was my support throughout my approximately one year battle, including custody and finances, as well as threats and intimidation. She did not blink once, never hesitated, while I was threatened and scared, hitting the rock bottom. I was a mess emotionally and mentally, alone in Canada with no other support whatsoever. She was there every step of the way, providing the best advice and support. What I appreciate the most is the honesty by which Jennifer carried herself through, without stalling the case (when the opposite party was), instead pushing it forward, being effective and efficient, using the time and the funds I paid the firm in the best, most efficient way. I was able to be honest and straight up with her, unwilling to go back and forth unless there is a resolution. Jennifer delivered what she signed up for and in a reasonable time, given the stalling and back and forth attempts on the other end; I was comfortable as she had my needs taken care of. I was assigned a different lawyer after one year, while Jennifer was on leave. She pushed for my separation agreement to be signed before her leave and I was at peace. The lawyer in question was Andrew Vankoughnett. My interaction with him, although brief (as everything was pretty much finalized), was extremely straight to point and honest, Andrew showing the same work ethics and morals, going straight to the point when needed, without stalling. I sincerely hope and wish for myself to not be in need ever again, however if I ever find myself in the position of needing family law support, I will not hesitate to reach back to Stanchieri Family Law firm. I wholeheartedly recommend the firm for their work ethics, involvement and variable pricing based on case, with a variety of lawyers on their team, each abiding by the same morals and principles. You'll be assigned what(who) is best for you and your case fairly, without attempting to squeeze in more where it's unnecessary. I was able to do some parts of the financials myself in the beginning, with no push whatsoever for the firm to do it, just so I can save some money and cut corners. (They are there to do it for you as well, of course, if it is too difficult and you find it overwhelming.) They make it affordable for a wider income range. Divorce can get messy and embarrassing and it definitely is financially and emotionally draining. They take your case seriously and as long as you're honest on your end (as bad as it may be), your interaction with the Firm and your lawyer will be smooth and have the best desired results. The rest of their legal team is to be mentioned as well, everyone shows professionalism and takes each one of their roles seriously in handling your personal matters, from privacy, accuracy, deliverables, etc. My case with the firm was just recently closed, upon my official divorce being finalized (courts took quite a long time) and I am at peace and extremely grateful.
Thank you!

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