Julie Stanchieri

Family Lawyer / Owner

Julie Stanchieri


My journey to become a lawyer started many years ago in elementary school, as I remember telling others I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them came natural to me early in life, so my childhood dream became a reality when I was called to the Ontario Bar in 2002.

The need to help people and work on complex legal issues is deeply rooted within my personality, so upon graduating from Law School at the University of Toronto in 2000, my internship at The Center of Reproductive Rights in New York City was the perfect fit to start my career in law. After completing my internship, I returned to Toronto to work in corporate litigation for a large firm on Bay Street. During this time, I very much enjoyed the work because it was challenging, but I felt like something was missing as I still had the strong desire to work on cases that were equally rewarding. At the time, I already had an interest in family law which began in law school, so I started exploring the possibility of shifting my practice over to family law. After careful consideration, my entrepreneurial skills emerged and gave me the courage to join a start-up firm as their first family lawyer in 2005. Taking the leap was the best decision of my career and with a background in corporate litigation, it didn’t take long before I began representing business owners, professionals and corporate executives with their divorce proceedings. During this time, my practice and expertise was growing as quickly as my passion for family law, so in 2008, it only made sense to start Stanchieri Family Law and hire more people to expand our services in family law.

Today, I continue to work most often on cases where business and family intersect in family law, representing clients on either side of the dispute. I work with high conflict situations and complex legal issues involving valuations of family businesses, multiple properties, trusts, income determinations and child/spousal support. I also routinely work with other financial and mental health professionals who provide expert evidence and assist clients with various financial and parenting related issues.

Over the years, owning a successful law practice in downtown Toronto has helped me gain valuable experience in family law and build a strong reputation within the legal industry. Our clients are the ones who benefit the most from this experience and reputation, which is the main reason why I continue to set goals and work hard to achieve them, often exceeding what is expected from the status quo. Like any other business, nobody cares more about their clients than the owner, so going above and beyond for clients is my standard level of service. I hire like-minded people at the firm, so this approach runs deep within the culture at Stanchieri Family Law.

As you enter the next chapter in your life, the first step should be finding a lawyer who’s the right fit for your situation. I invite you to book a consultation with me to learn more about the process and how I can help you successfully move-on to a happier life.


  • Osgoode Hall, LL.M

    Masters in Family Law

  • University of Toronto, LL.B.

    Law Degree

  • McMaster University, Hon. B.A.

    Bachelor Degree

  • Family Law Mediator (OAFM)


  • Family Law Arbitrator (ADRIO)


  • Toronto Lawyers Association

    Board of Directors

  • Women’s Law Association (ON)


  • Family Lawyers Association


  • Law Society of Ontario


  • Ontario Bar Association


  • Advocates' Society


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