Brent Mendiola



I became a lawyer for many reasons but the paramount motivation for me has always been to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. I learned the importance of compassion and empathy very early on in my life. The circumstances of my upbringing demanded a lot of me at a young age and rising to the occasion has been a recurring theme for me ever since.

While I was in law school and during my articles, I focused on cultivating my advocacy skills and searching for the practice area that would best position me for that. I have represented Osgoode Hall in several mooting and trial advocacy competitions. This includes an international moot on media law and related human rights considerations such as freedom of expression, religion, and privacy at the University of Oxford. I was also involved in several clinical programs providing legal advice to those who otherwise could not afford to access legal services. After completing my studies at Osgoode Hall in 2019, I was fortunate enough to complete my articles at a small but busy downtown firm. This gave me the opportunity to quickly gain a lot of exposure to a number of different practice areas and I quickly understood that family law was a natural fit for me.

I have always thought that knowledge and wisdom come from understanding the way that things work and how different—sometimes disparate—concepts fit together. In line with this, I chose to complete a double major in Economics and Philosophy for my undergraduate studies. During this time, I worked extensively on econometric modelling and ultimately produced policy recommendations which informed negotiations with the Government of Cambodia regarding foreign direct investment inflows into the country. In 2016, I graduated magna cum laude from York University.

Family litigation encapsulates so many different aspects of a person’s life and I believe that my compassion along with my comprehensive approach to problem solving has helped me to represent my clients effectively during a stressful—and often, heartbreaking—time in their lives. My background in economics has also helped me to advocate for my clients’ interests in complex financial disputes. I have been practicing family law since my call to the bar in 2020 and I have argued many motions before the Superior Court of Justice as well as at the Court of Appeal. I have also represented clients at every type of conference as well as at mediations and arbitrations. I take pride in my practice and in my ability to provide sound as well as empathetic advice. I consider it a great privilege to be entrusted with counselling my clients in reorganizing their lives and their families, and I always hope to discharge that responsibility earnestly.

I am honoured to be part of a team of lawyers here at Stanchieri Family Law who share the same vision and passion for providing excellent family legal services during what may be a challenging time in our clients’ lives.


  • Legal Experience 4 Years
  • Osgoode Hall, J.D. Law Degree
  • York University, Hon. B.A. Degree
  • Toronto Lawyers Association Member
  • Law Society of Ontario Member
  • Law Society of Alberta Member

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