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For me, becoming a family lawyer was inevitable. I remember telling people from a young age that I was going to be a lawyer when I grew up. It was my parents’ dream. Having immigrated here at a young age, and in the face of financial adversity, I worked hard to make our dreams come true. I value the preservation of the family nucleus and the importance to ensuring the welfare of children in any family law matter, as it aligns so well with my own personal values. I find it humbling and a privilege when clients share with me with their most intimate familial problems, and trust in my ability to help them.

After studying Political Science at the University of Toronto, I chose to complete law school abroad in England after receiving a scholarship and wanting a new experience. This experience opened my eyes to my rather sheltered upbringing where I learned about resilience, dedication, discipline and integrity. I carry these qualities with me everyday in my practice and in my relationships, both personally and professionally. Since my call to the Ontario Bar in 2015, I have been fortunate to work in various areas of law, starting off my career in Insurance Defence, to opening up my own firm specializing in Family Law and Wills and Estates, and then working as General Counsel for both a privately owned company and then Legal Aid Saskatchewan. I have, in my experience, been exposed to a myriad of people and situations, which have sharpened my ability to problem solve effectively, negotiate tactfully, advocate honestly, and listen graciously. I take pride in my ability to understand opposing perspectives and be able to diffuse high conflict situations.

I have advocated for my clients at all levels of court in Ontario and while going to court is sometimes necessary, I am an avid believer in alternative methods to dispute resolution. My Masters in Law, specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution reinforces my philosophy and practice to conflict resolution outside of the litigation process. I engage with my clients with the utmost respect and integrity, while ensuring that my professional demeanor is approachable, accessible and kind.

I have been featured on CTV National, Global TV, SIRIUS XM Radio for my expertise on media worthy, controversial and relevant legal issues and I regularly contributor to the Lawyer’s Daily newspaper. I have been nominated for the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada and have been recognized by my peers for noteworthy training modules relevant to the current practice of law that all lawyers should know in order to best serve our clients in today’s society. My passion for the law and education for those coming into the legal system, anywhere from clients to judges, drives me to continue creating relevant modules to break social barriers and enable us to be socially relevant and client centric advocates.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a foodie at heart and love to cook. I am an enthusiast about exploring the world and sharing in their culinary experiences. I have also been a competitive ballet dancer for over 17 years.


  • Legal Experience 9 Years
  • Osgoode Hall, LL.M. Masters in Law
  • University of Leicester, LL.B. Law Degree
  • University of Toronto, Hon. B.A. Degree
  • Toronto Lawyers Association Member
  • South Asian Bar Association Member
  • Law Society of Ontario Member
  • Law Society of Saskatchewan Member
  • Criminal Lawyers Association Member
Humility and Compassion

I was at a very low point in my separation when I was referred to Nandishi Bekah from Stanchieri Family Law. I had to give up custody of my daughter and my separation was at the 4 year mark and continuing. Nandishi took my case and assured me that she will put this all to a close and that she will make sure I get my life and freedom back. Not only did she deliver that but she has brought the smile back to my face. She was able to finalize my separation and fully execute my divorce with ease! She made me feel comfortable and made me feel like I actually mattered and was heard. She is an excellent example of humility and compassion. The attention she gives and the passion she has for family law is truly evident in her nature. She takes pride in making sure you are never alone in the fight. It was truly a pleasure to have met Nandishi and to have her as well as Stanchieri Family Law be my support system through my entire divorce and separation. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me!

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Highly Recommend

I recently worked with Nandishi on my divorce and was extremely impressed with her professionalism and dedication to my case. She is very knowledgeable about the legal process and provided valuable guidance and support throughout. Her attention to detail and ability to negotiate favorable terms were crucial in helping me achieve a successful outcome. I highly recommend Nandishi to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate divorce lawyer.

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